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Welcome to my

"Safe Place"

I create "lifestyle" and "organization" content and share it on what I like to call my safe place, AKA social media. 

My social media is a reflection of my genuine self, you will find that while my page is aesthetically pleasing and satisfying, it's always grounded in reality!!

Brands I've collaborated with...


Sneek Peek my most viral videos

User: @anatejedorr
Followers: 43k+
Likes: 1.5 Million
Collabs: 10
Views: 12.7+ Million
10.7M Views, 1.3M likes
530K Views, 54.6K likes
121K Views, 14.5K likes

How it all started... a passion for organization

My journey in social media began when I decided to start posting crafts and gifts I made for my then-boyfriend. But what made my account go viral was my first-ever video giving my fridge a full 360 makeover. 

Aside from the thousands of likes, followers, and opportunities, these organization/restock-type videos have given me, I do genuinely find organizing, tidying, and cleaning to be therapeutic. Everything in my house is perfectly labeled and has a designated "home" or space.


All videos I record, edit and post on my social platforms are immensely satisfying to watch but at the same time, they show the real side of  organization. 


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