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3 Reasons to start your organizing journey TODAY!

Starting your organizing journey is a big step to take and that is why most people usually keep postponing it, but after learning all the perks that organizing brings into your life, you will be ready to start.

#1 - Optimizes your time and boosts productivity

Yes! Believe it or not something as simple as organizing does optimize your time, increases your free time and productivity too! Why waste time looking for that thing you forgot where you placed when placing it in the same spot will take you less than a minute? No point right? I live by the thought that if something takes less than a minute to do then you should do it right away and not leave it for later… try it will save you tons of time in the future!

“For every minute spent in organizing an hour is earned.” - Benjamin Franklin

#2 - Helps your pocket, increase savings.

Contrary to what most people think, organizing actually helps you save money rather than making you spend more. Even if the initial costs of buying containers, organizers or divisors in the beginning might seem expensive, it is cheaper in the long run!

Why? Well I’ve bought many things I thought I needed and some days later realized I already had one at home. On top of that, if every item has a “home” and visuals are important to you, before buying anything, you will question yourself if this item will fit in the spot you’ll assign to it and how would it look. Believe me, I have refrained from buying a lot of unnecessary things and saved a lot of money just asking myself this simple question.

#3 - Nourishes your soul and makes you solidary.

What do I mean by this? Well, helping others by giving them some of your things really nourish your soul, this awakes a feeling of solidarity or support which makes you feel “complete”. And additionally to this you are decluttering your house! Double Prize!

Aside from decoration purposes what is the point of having something that none of you or your family is using? Give it away! Someone probably needs it more than you do.

So, what are you waiting for to start your organizing journey?

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