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After an unfortunate and serious injury I had on my right ankle while playing a tournament, I had to turn down all my offers to play college tennis and switch paths. This might've not been what I dreamed of, but it has definitely turned out amazing and today, I am the happiest I've ever been

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here are not enough words to describe my love for tennis. I started playing when I

was around 8 years old, and ever since I first held the first racket, I’ve been loving deeply


this sport. When I turned 14, I decided I wanted to pursue my tennis career, so I dropped out of in-person school and I started online school which allowed me enough flexibility to train 4+ hours a day and travel to tournaments.


4 years later, I ended up graduating from the same online school. People often ask me if I didnt regret the fact I "missed the high school experience" or interaction, but I don't, at all! Traveling to different countries and meeting people with the same goals and dedication as me was 100% worth it and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.


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